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By definition, Single Malt Whiskies have to be made 100% from malted barley, infused with water, fermented by yeast, distilled in a pot still and then matured in an oak cask for at least three years. Scotland produces the largest number of single malt whiskies in the world with hundreds of different Single Malt Whiskies, each with unique and distinctive tastes. 

There are two types of whiskies – grain whiskies and malt whiskies. Grain whiskies are made from grains and cereals such as maize, oats and rye. Malt whiskies on the other hand are made exclusively from malted barley. Grain whiskies are very light in body and aroma and much quicker to make. Unlike malt whiskies that are smoother, more aromatic and flavourful. 

As with vintage wines, one can build one’s knowledge and appreciation of Single Malt Whiskies and the regions that they come from. Aficionados derive much pleasure from the complexity of flavour that is indicative of the region and the distillery where the whisky is produced.